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Hi, I’m Scott. I’m going to turn this video into a blog post in minutes with magic. So stick around. So we’ve got our video here that we’re going to turn into a blog post right away. Take our URL, copy that.

And we’re going to go to to and we’re just going to paste in this URL right on the homepage here. This is a free tool that will convert this post this video into a blog post automatically. So let’s do it. All right. So hit Create Post and it’s a five minute video.

So the transcription usually takes about half the time of the video. So this will probably take two to three minutes, right? So if we didn’t want to wait around, we could say, hey, send me any email and then we could just close the browser. But let’s stick through here and I’ll kind of show you a quick walkthrough of what’s going on here. Gifscribe transcribes all the audio any the video and converts it into a really awesome formatted.

Blog post. So let me just show you an example while this one is processing. So if we look at another video video. So this one’s a YouTube settings you need to grow your channel. This is the blog post that I just created a few minutes ago from this video.

So it creates a nice summary at the top here for your users. And then it creates these really awesome gifts. Any people file clips that have burned in captions so really easy to share. And then you’ve got this great text content created automatically from your videos. So you can just focus on making your videos, but also get all that sweet, sweet SEO Google traffic by having the text based version of your video in this format.

That’s really nice for people because sometimes, I mean, I love videos, I love watching videos. But sometimes like I’m on a train or I’m traveling or I just need one little part of the video and I’m not sure where it is any. It’d be nice if I could just search through and text and find it any. So that’s what Gifscribe gives you is the ability to create that text based version of your content without actually any work. It just does it all for you.

So this is an example here. Now if you have access to the channel. So if you’re the channel owner or you work with that channel, you can get into the back end here of Gifscribe and actually make edits to the video. So let’s say the transcription missed a word or it’s not completely perfect but does a pretty good job. It might highlight words that it has trouble with.

So if we go into the editor here, we could say welcome back to okay, let’s change this to video Okay. So we make an edit and it saves it. And then we just hit Update gift and that’ll regenerate the gift file and then we can publish that to our WordPress post. Any, if we click on preview here, we can see a preview of this paragraph, which is nice if you want to create a thumbnails real quick or share something on social media, and then also the updated gift file there.

So this is the back end editor. You can go through all different paragraphs to see which ones you edited or not. Again, it’s going to highlight words that maybe it’s not super confident about, so it makes it really quick to go in through if you do have to do edits. Now, most YouTubers do a really good job with their audio, so we have a really high accuracy rate. But this is the back end editor and you can download an SRT caption file from here.

Let’s go back to the dashboard here.

Okay, so how are we looking? Let me go to the home page here.

Are we done already? Okay, here we go. Okay, so we wrapped up and created a new blog post from this very video that you’re about to watch here. But maybe you just want to read text version of it. I get more YouTube views with video, which I love video paying subscriber.

Awesome tool. So we’ve got the little video summary here and then into the meat of what your visitors want to know about, right? Like, if all these people are searching for you on YouTube, any, they’re finding your videos. A lot of those people are probably searching on Google too. So if you don’t have that content there, you might be missing out.

Now, Google does show the video sometimes. Again, a lot of times people want to read stuff. You have all this text that is just waiting to be unlocked in your channel. So that’s what gifts are. Does it unlocks that for you?

So this is the blog post we created. So really appreciate you sticking around here. If you do want to know more about gifts, right, you can go to, check it out. You can do up to five videos for free on a channel. And then if you want to have your own domain, like I set this example up on vidIQ blog.

We have paid subscriptions that start at $49 a month, kind of scales up based on your subscriber numbers.

One other thing that’s nice just to make things really hands off is we’ll check every hour or so to see if you’ve created a new video. And if you have, we’ll just create a blog post from that automatically. Any, that’s something you can turn on and off. So if you want to manually make sure you add those, we make it really easy to import videos. Just through the back end here.

You can see your recent ones, you can add a single URL, or you can turn on just the automatic import. And then anytime you publish a new video, you’ll get a new blog post. Out of it automatically. And you won’t have to do any work, so check it out.